Flash Forward San Francisco


I’m off to Flash Forward this week. It should be a great party in a cool city with some uber nerds. Just about all I need, besides my wife and pooch. Looking forward to seeing the Masonic Temple it’s being held in, and the new format chosen by Adobe. This will officially be my fourth Flash Forward, and I’m relieved that I haven’t been chosen to speak this year. Last year was a tad awkward to be told by your boss that you’re going to be a speaker. Um yea thanks, I thought that would be something I’d chose to do not unknowingly penned in for. Pretty standard operating procedure at Arnold.

I’m also fired up that Steve and I will be driving the 10 hours or so down to San Fran from Portland, stopping half way to camp in Redwoods National Park.

Thanks to North for sending us.

So, if you’re headed to San Fran this week let me know. It’d be good to meet up with some cool peeps.