Sell Simply on TechCrunch

Some of my favorite quotes.

“It’s like Square, but you don’t need an extra device (a Square) — or a credit card. Pretty cool.”

“Obviously, for brands, the value proposition both for Sell Simply’s current offerings and the marketplace features that will be launching by the end of the year could be huge.”

“Just as brands hope that using Facebook as a social commerce platform can help create scale so that a larger audience will see cool products or sales because users post those items on their wall or share them with friends, Teso said that he sees a similar opportunity for eCommerce on Twitter.”

“If one happens to be selling their bike on Twitter through Sell Simply, there’s a good chance that a user’s friends will re-tweet the listing, and their followers may follow suit. If those people then, in turn, re-tweet to their followers, well, you get the point.”

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Interviews and Press : Centamental

Here are some of the recent interviews and mentions for myself, theGOOD and Centamental.

What began as a lunch conversation, evolved into a prototype, and launched only a couple of weeks ago, has has quickly garnered some major press mentions and the interest of some big brands.

This is getting interesting.

BBC - Tech Brief


Spread This Word Like So Much Butter


Dear Portland,

Due to the lack of a marketing budget on our part, and the almost complete lack of startup coverage in our great city, I know you are largely unaware that our fine social marketplace exists.

I know this because you continue to use sites like Craigslist, Ebay and Etsy to buy and sell your fine wares.

Had you known: Besides being gorgeously designed (biased), Sell Simply is totally free to use and effortlessly controlled by your Twitter account, you would have surely made the complete assimilation by now. You’d have realized that we offer all the same features as those other guys plus a better user experience, the option to sell with buy now or accept offers, and the added social layer. You would also see that you can create your own mini simple shop and embed it anywhere on the interweb, allowing you to sell from anywhere.

In short, you’d notice that the local guy, Sell Simply, is a better place to be. And that, my weird friends, would make me happy.

So please… Do the job that our local press has not. The job our imaginary marketing budget cannot. Spread this word like so much butter.

Chris Teso
Sell Simpleton