Interviews and Press : Centamental

Here are some of the recent interviews and mentions for myself, theGOOD and Centamental.

What began as a lunch conversation, evolved into a prototype, and launched only a couple of weeks ago, has has quickly garnered some major press mentions and the interest of some big brands.

This is getting interesting.

BBC - Tech Brief


Flickr Uploadr = theGOOD Uploadr

I’ve been busy lately over at theGOOD


What it is

theGOOD Uploadr is a desktop application built on Adobe Air. The application is currently in alpha with a push to release beta around the first of the year 2010.

theGOOD Uploadr aims to improve and augment the Flickr experience by adding many features to the uploading process.

Some Links

theGOOD Uploadr
follow along for updates.
theGOOD Uploadr in the Flickr App Garden.
theGOOD Uploadr is a product of theGOOD. An interactive think tank.